Minutes of The Council Meeting for
November 9, 2013 (10:30am-12:30pm)
The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1. Opening remarks

2. An address of welcome: AFLAS President Dr. Abdul Rahim Mutalib (President of LASAM)

3. Introduction of the delegates

4. Participants of the Council meeting
Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS)
Dr. Song Jing (President of CALAS)
Chinese Taipei Society for Laboratory Animal Science (CSLAS)
Dr. Wei-Jeng Chang (President of CSLAS) 
Indonesia Association for Laboratory Animal Science (IALAS)
Dr Joko Pamungkas (President of IALAS)
Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science (JALAS)
Dr. Takuya Ikeda (Representative of JALAS)
Dr. Noriyuki Kasai (Vice President & Secretary-General of AFLAS)
Korean Association for Laboratory Animal Science (KALAS)
Dr. Byung-Hwa Hyun (President of KALAS)
Laboratory animal science association of Malaysia (LASAM)
Dr. Abdul Rahim Mutalib (President of AFLAS & LASAM)
Dr. Goh Yong Meng
Philippine Association for Laboratory Animal Science (PALAS)
Dr. Cynthia M. Nalo-Ochona (President of PALAS)
Singapore association for laboratory animal science (SALAS)
Mr Shawn Tay (President of SALAS) 
Leslie Retnam
 Thai Association for Laboratory Animal Science (TALAS)
Dr.Montip Getayacamin  (Representative of TALAS)
Laboratory Animal Scientist’s Association (LASA) in India
Executive Board member
President: Dr. Abdul Rahim Mutalib (LASAM)
Immediate past-President: Dr. Parntep Ratanakorn (TALAS)
Vice President: Dr. Byung-Hwa Hyun (KALAS)
Vice-President:  Dr. Qin Chuan (CALAS) Absent
Vice-President:  Dr. Ramachandra S. GUDDE (LASA India) (Absent)
Vice-President & Secretary-general:  Dr. Noriyuki Kasai (JALAS)
Auditor: Mr. Tay Yi Quan (SALAS)

5. Election of a Chair and a Secretary of the meeting
President Dr Abdul Rahim Mutalib (President of AFLAS & LASAM) was elected as a Chair person.

6. The start of the meeting
AFLAS business
(1) Financial Report
[1] Balance for years for 2012-2013
1) Revenues

2) Expenditures

3) Asset at Sept. 2013

After explaining the balance of a fiscal 2012-2013 by Dr Kasai, Mr. Tay, auditor of AFLAS, reported the audit of the balance. The council members approved this balance unanimously.

[2] Proposed Budget for 2013-2014

1) Revenues

2) Expenditures

[3] Confirmation of Annual membership fee
Annual membership fee of IALAS (Indonesia) has been decided to be 200USD by e-mail meeting. The fee of all other members are mentioned at Appendix of By-Laws.

(2) Confirmation of host association or society for 2014 & 2016 Congress.
The representatives of the Laboratory animal science association of Malaysia (LASAM) and the Singapore Association for Laboratory Animal Science (SALAS) addressed their preparations for 2014 Congress and for 2016 Congress, respectively.
LASAM announced a brief implementation plan as follows;
-Date: November 11th-12th, 2014.
-Venue: The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
-Planed registration fee: 250USD including lunch and receptions for 2 days.
-Online registration/ call for poster:  Starting from February 2014
-Early bird registration: By May/June 2014.
-General presentation: Poster presentation only, Power Point form with 60 liquid crystal televisions
-Announcement: First circulation is December 2013 to January 2014. Second one is April 2014.
  LASAM also asked every AFLAS members to decide and notify two liaisons and support making programs of the Congress.

(3) Schedule of an Election of host association or society for 2018 AFLAS Congress
AFLAS Office begins inviting applications for hosting 2018 Congress.
Deadline is the end of June, 2014. A host association for 2018 Congress will be decided at 2014 Congress in Malaysia.

(4) Suggestion of Hosting and Organizing Irregular AFLAS Symposium
We discussed this suggestion at the last meeting in Bangkok, and decided to re-discuss in this meeting. The proposal was as follows;
・A purpose is to strengthen our relationship and to develop the field of Laboratory Animal Science in Asia as a whole by having more opportunities of meeting in the flexible type of conferences.
・Any Association or Society can organize it and apply to AFLAS office.
・AFLAS office supports certain amount of financial support.
・This irregular symposium/conference can be planned separately from Congress Meeting organized in every two years.

After the discussion, decisions were made as follows;
・AFLAS is to hold irregular academic meeting between the AFLAS Congresses.
・Titles of “AFLAS Symposium” or “AFLAS Workshop” are allowed but not “AFLAS Congress” or “AFLAS Conference”.
・The date should be the year between the regular AFLAS Congresses.
・If requested, AFLAS Office is able to support the organization financially.
・Associations or Societies which plan the symposium or workshop can apply to AFLAS Office with an application form, and AFLAS decided whether or not it is approved at council meeting or by e-mail within AFLAS council members.

Dr. Byung-Hwa Hyun (President of KALAS) spoke a plan now KALAS making, which is AFLAS-KALAS Joint symposium for cerebration of Anniversary of the 30th KALAS Annual Meeting. Tentative titles are “Non-human primate facility for biomedical research in Asia” or “International transportation and quarantine of non-human primate in Asia”. If it is proposed as AFLAS symposium by KALAS, the council meeting will discuss and decide whether or not it is approved.

Dr Leslie Retnam spoke that the Congress interval of two years is very appropriate for AFLAS when compared with FELASA and AALAS.

(5) Joining ICLAS as an Affiliate Member
Dr. Cynthia Pekow, Acting Secretary-General of ICLAS, asked AFLAS that the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) invited the Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations to join ICLAS as an Affiliate Member. ICLAS affiliate member means organizations with which ICLAS has reciprocal relationship. There are no dues required for this affiliation.
In ICLAS meeting held at AFLAS Congress last year in Bangkok, the former AFLAS president Dr Parntep Ratanakorn, a Governing board members of ICLAS, Dr Naoko Kagiyama, vice president of ICLAS and Dr Noriyuki Kasai, vice-president and secretary general of AFLAS, discussed this subject.
A discussion was held as follows; AFLAS and LCLAS have already mingled with each other. For instance, AFLAS has had some programs collaborated with ICLAS at AFLAS Congress. Therefore, both international organizations should build a good relationship of equality.
After the discussion, AFLAS council decided that AFLAS joins ICLAS as an Affiliate Member.

(6) Others
Dr. Song Jing, a representative of Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS), proposed establishing education and training system of laboratory animal technology in AFLAS. CALAS has already begun to educate and train technicians in their country but needs much help for high technology.
Dr. Montip Getayacamin (TALAS) addressed the situation of education and training in USA by AALAS.
Dr Byung-Hwa Hyun introduced that the education & training of the microbiological examination for laboratory animals by the Central Institute of Experimental Animals of Japan carried out in the Asian countries as a reference.
Some difficulties are anticipated such as short budgets, few instructors, few textbooks etc. Therefore, it may be an idea that setting up a committee for education and training in AFLAS for further discussion. We asked CALAS to propose a concrete idea for a way to establish such kind of education and training system.

7. Releasing the Chair and the Secretary

8. Closing remarks